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DES Sons

     DES has also affected sons, although there have not been as many studies focused on the risks or problems they face. Studies have shown that DES sons are at increased risk of infertility, developing epididymal cysts (non-cancerous cysts on the back of the testicle), testicular cancer, genital abnormalities including underdeveloped or undescended testes, microphallus (small penis), testicular varicoceles and hypospadias.

     There is a consumer group dedicating specifically to DES Sons. The DES Sons Network is a national network providing information and support for men exposed to DES and counseling for men with testicular cancer. Michael Freilick, a testicular cancer survivor, is the Network’s coordinator and can be reached at 104 Sleepy Hollow Place, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, Phone No.: 609-795-1658. He is a wonderful resource for DES sons.


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